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Denizen of the Higher Dimensions

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PostSubject: Categories   Wed Aug 10, 2011 7:47 am

Here's a list of possible categories that we have to work out:

---Special Sites
---Sacred Sites
--Novusvitan Geography
---Seas and Oceans
----Inland Seas
---Rivers and Lakes
---The Atmosphere
--Central Characters
---Main Protagonists
---Main Antagonists
--Human Characters
--Xen'vi Characters
--Animal Characters
--Other Important Moments
-Solar Systems
-Celestial Bodies
--Planets and Dwarf Planets
-The Future of Humanity
--Colonised Bodies
--Novusvitan Occupation
--Human Technology
--Xen'vi Technology
---Domestic Lifeforms
----Xen'vi Use of Life
---Special Vehicles
--Jaylen Technology
-Xen'vi Colture
--Religion and Mythology
--Xen'vi Professions
--Xen'vi Food
-Jaylen Pheonomena
-Novusvitan Life
--Novusvitan Taxa
--Suplementary Works
-The Project
--People Involved

If you can come up with any other categories or think the categories need to be changed, please tell me.
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