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 Comprehensive Character Web of TPoA

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PostSubject: Comprehensive Character Web of TPoA   Wed Oct 31, 2012 7:34 am

The following character web shows all significant characters of The Peoples of Algol in all three books, save (due to my negligence) the Jaylen spirits, the creepy half-decayed War of the Shadow Aca'ji soldier guy of At'reum, and the crew of the Tita'ji ship that takes Priantos to Harrden'dell. The most important of the missing characters are the creepy Aca'ji guy and Kerth Dålo, the captain of the aforementioned Tita'ji ship. Both of those only ever interact with Priantos, so it should be too much of a hassle to add them later.

I may also make the web a bit neater later on (I've noticed that some of the letters/numbers marking the connecting lines are positioned really badly - over more an intersect of two lines, over another label and so on. For the time being, just keep in mind that the lines' number/letter labels are parallel to the line its on and for), but for now they should be good enough to at least give you guys a good idea of that series' characters and what I have in store for them.

I probably need not mention that the character web is massively spoiler-filled, but I guess that doesn't really matter to members of the Writers' Guild.

Full-colour version:

A greyscale version, with icons instead of colour:
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Comprehensive Character Web of TPoA
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