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ALTERVERSE is a literary universe and multiverse made up of the story arcs of multiple planned and in-progress litterature and culminative world-building projects. Here, you can contribute to the multiverse and explore what it presently entails.
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 Forum Conversation: Now the Alterverse Forums

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Forum Conversation: Now the Alterverse Forums Empty
PostSubject: Forum Conversation: Now the Alterverse Forums   Forum Conversation: Now the Alterverse Forums Icon_minitimeMon Dec 24, 2012 9:50 am

This change basically involves the following:

  • A new site URL (if possible - redirects should then be in effect)
  • New sections, coupled with the removal of many current sections - current threads will still be existence, but moved to appropriate sections
  • A new banner
  • Hopefully a banner for each category (so that my new TPoA banner shan't go to waste)
  • Content (threads) display based on user level, rather than the need to be "chosen" (which will include the suspension of most Guilds until they become necessary; there will also be strict warnings against intellectual property theft)

The reason for this overhaul is so that members can easily contribute to and find out more about the greater Alterverse Saga (doesn't that say better than "Alterverse Multiverse"?).


Here's the new forum/category listing:

- Overview
-- News and Notifications
-- Introduction to the Alterverse Saga

- Alterverse Background
-- General Common Elements
-- Culminative Timeline of History and Future
-- Peoples and Places - The Saga's Setting
--- Locations
--- Races
--- Technology
-- The Science of Alterverse
--- The Ethereal
-- Novels, Series and the Stories of Alterverse

- The Peoples of Algol
-- Overview
-- Backdrop
-- Literary Development
-- Tales of a Time Before the Jawheads
-- The Slumboy of Valdin

- Breakdown
-- Overview
-- Backdrop
-- Literary Development

- S.P.I.R.E.
-- Overview
-- Setting
-- Literary Development
-- Aether and Ash

- Wretches and Kings
-- Overview
-- Setting
-- Literary Development

- Panenthea
-- Overview
-- Setting
-- Literary Development

- A.E.G.I.S. Watch
-- Overview
-- Setting
-- Literary Development

- Other Stories
-- Void
-- Messengers of the Gods
-- The Enigma Perspective
-- Last Light

- Community
-- Introductions
-- Off-Topic Section
-- Forum Games
-- Role Playing
--- Alterverse Role Play
--- Other Role Play

Also, most of the disgusting new icons are temporary. I'll make new ones later (hopefully soon).
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Forum Conversation: Now the Alterverse Forums
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