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 Parallels and Differences Between the Three Parallel Stories

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Parallels and Differences Between the Three Parallel Stories Empty
PostSubject: Parallels and Differences Between the Three Parallel Stories   Parallels and Differences Between the Three Parallel Stories Icon_minitimeSun Feb 17, 2013 7:33 am

The Novelist, Breakdown and SPIRE all three take place in the "present", being basically around this year. They are, however, each in their own respective time line. Because of this, different versions of the same character would exist in each of the three time lines.

The Novelist pretty much represents the "real world", while with the other two majour things have happened or happened differently to make it, well, not the real world. In Breakdown, the [insert name here] pandemic has broken out, effectively resulting in the zombie apocalypse, but of course also altering many other smaller events. In SPIRE, a magical war kinda broke out.

Anyway, in this thread we'll discuss the similarities between these three stories (such as characters and the history all three time lines share), as well as the differences (primarily how things happened differently).

I think I'll start with the various versions of notable characters between the stories:

The Novelist
Heather Abercrombie
Meets Blake at Heathrow; Has encounter with Watcher (erased from memory; Becomes the NovelistPresent at Heathrow incident (just before she would've met Blake); Meets Blake at hospital
Blake Coleman
Meets Heather at Heathrow; eventually moves in with herPresent at Heathrow incident; Becomes central to the story of the pathogen
Gabriel Price
Main character
Alexandra Bennett
Still in stasisFreed from stasis by her father; G4 infectedPotentially assimilated into the ranks of the Legion (maybe)
Willow Cross
Present at Heathrow incident (would've gone to America to visit parent(s) (different from RP))As the Heathrow incident failed to happen, she continued on to America; Met Alestair in Vegas
Judah Cross
Looked after Willow while parents were away; Dies at Heathrow incidentActs as Willow's guardian; Sees Willow off at Heathrow; Still acts as Willow's guardian when she returns
Devon Right
G4 infected in London; Kevin's brother; Lives with father, JonathanOne of the psychics asked to join SPIRE's response team
Kevin Right
G4 infected in New York; Donathan's brother; Lives with mother, Sophia
Jonathan Right
Forced by the Hunters to aid G4 research (G4 utilises Aether) in order to get his sons backDiscovers Aether; Causes all inhabitants of a small town to loose consciousness in an Aether-related experiment; Hushed by SPIRE
Sophia Wilmore/Right
Patient X (first to contract G3); Tries to find her sons
Dr. Craig Bennet
In prison for Crimes Against Humanity (due to the creation of the Pathogen (which has been hushed by SPIRE))Helps infected escape the Hunters (mercenary soldiers controlled by Airmed International)
Gordon Cvil
Killed in car "accident"Head of Airmed International and therefore the Hunters
Dr. [Something] Cormak
Head scientist of Airmed InternationalHead scientist of Airmed International; Responsible for pathogen-related research
Janis Taylor
Head of SPIRE in Great BrittainHead of SPIRE in Great Brittain; Heads classified research into pathogenHead of Spire in Great Brittain
Arthur Kingsolver
Representative of the Society in this story
Alestrair McMillan
Potentially a G4 infected (maybe)A travelling modern magician who becomes obsessed with Willow

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Parallels and Differences Between the Three Parallel Stories
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