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 >>The Forum Guidelines<<

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>>The Forum Guidelines<< Empty
PostSubject: >>The Forum Guidelines<<   >>The Forum Guidelines<< Icon_minitimeFri Dec 24, 2010 9:34 am

Welcome, all, to the Life in Algol Forums. This is a place to converse over the NewLife Project and the Peoples of Algol novel series. It was also created to be a friendly environment for users. Stick to the commandments below and you shant be smitten.

Forum Guidelines

Our goal is to maintain a friendly forum environment for you to post in. We've organized / copy-pasted some guidelines for you to keep in mind when posting.

Here's a quick rundown on what to do and what to avoid in order to help us keep the forums running smoothly.

Basic Points to Keep in Mind:

• Anyone is able to register, including everyone from little kids to science professors.
• Unlike with most forums, a topic or thread is only considered dead once it has been locked or officially proclaimed dead or finished by the creator.
• The software I used to make this forum comes from Forumotion, which is a French-based free-forum provider. Thus, we must ahere to French law. As I have no idea what those laws are, all I can say is just be careful... Nervous

Posting Etiquette:

• Keep subject titles direct, descriptive and accurate (No titles like "Help!" or "My RP").
• Use caps and repeated punctuation judiciously.
• Do not create multiple threads for one topic or post your thread in every category (it's f'ing annoying).
• Do not post blank messages.
• Keep signatures limited to 500 characters max, and limit signature images to 670 wide x 128 high. Otherwise some bad glitchy stuff shall occur or something. Overall your entire signature should not exceed an area of 670 x 160px.
• Use bbcode to clean up extremely long signature links by displaying link text rather than URLs.
• Bump threads judiciously. If a thread has no new posts since the last bump, please don't bump it again.
• Limit embedded image dimensions to 680 wide x 544 high (not our fault).
• Do not post unbroken text strings longer than 60 characters (this includes links - Use BBCode).
• Do not make posts requesting the locking of another user's thread within a thread. Please use the report system or PM (send a Primate Message to) a moderator/administrator if you believe a thread is in violation of the forum rules. Note that you may receive an error after pressing report, but we will successfully be notified (why is it that every forum seems to have this problem?).
• When creating a poll, options must be able to fullfill to everyone's opinions. No "Yes"/"Yes" polls. When asking a yes/no question, a neutral option (eg. "No opinion") must be given as well.
• Use Search! Avoid posting duplicate threads about questions that have already been answered or suggestions that have already been made.


Help keep the forums a nice place to discuss the Life in Algol universe and The Peoples of Algol novels. Remember that anyone is able to register. Please restrain from using fighting words, especially since the other person may be a child.
• Keep posts relevant to the topic at hand.
• Work out differences politely.
• Be respectful when posting about religious, political, or otherwise controversial topics.
• Keep posts clean: free of vulgarity, racism, profanity and bigotry.
• If you're going to cuss, please spell the word correctly so that is can be censored.
• No personal attacks: don't flame, troll, insult, harass, threaten, rant or bug for really no reason at all.
• Do not impersonate others (that's just low).
• Do not publicly post personal information about others (that's even lower).
• No advertising/spamming in forums other than Off-Topic.
• Please try to keep on the subject of a thread as closely as possible. There's a whole forum out there, people!
• Do not send repeated PM's or encourage other users to PM bomb any forum member.
• Have a sense of humor!
• Do not be agnorant. That is, do not be ignorantly arogant and think you're better/smarter than everything and everyone else. People really don't like that.

Illegal Activities:

What to avoid:
• Do not post copyrighted material (seriously, don't).
• We do not support posting links to copyrighted materials.
• Do not discuss illegal activities (what? Realy??).
• Do not share accounts.
• Do not return to the site on a duplicate account if any of your accounts is currently suspended. We will catch you and we will eat you.
• Do not post spam (ever!).
• Do not post off-topic posts out of the Off-Topic section (no duh).
• Do not post fannon onto the Wiki. Seriously!
• NEVER be a n00b. Lurking around as a guest to get the hang of the place before making your first post is recommended.

LiA Copyright Policy:

How to know what's yours and what's mine:
• Everything that's been added into the project by myself or any other members is copyrighted as ©️ 2011 Charl-André Fourie, Aka TemporalV01D. This includes any visual or textual works I myself have done (eg. maps, creatures and the novels themselves).
• Despite the above point, if you come up with any ideas or works to add to the project, it is still yours until added to the project with your consent and my aproval.
• Once something of yours has been included into the project (with your consent) you may still use it as your own in other stuff, of course, because it's still technically yours. However, please don't expect of me to retract it from the project after you've submitted it.
• Please, if you post any of your own work here (even in the gallery) that isn't directly intended to be included into the project, copyright it. You don't need to go through any legal stuff to do this - simply add "©️ (year) (name), Aka (username (optional))" to it or its description (if you're only going to add it to the description / post it on the thread, make sure you've posted the original).
• Do not violate my or any other user on this forum's copy rights. You will face an immediate termination from the forum and perhaps even a real-life lawsuit.

Wiki Posting and Editing Policy:

• Once again, do not post fannon onto the Wiki. Seriously!
• Please plan any articles you wanna add to the NewLife Wiki in the Wiki Section. This way I can also review it.
• If you're going to edit something, duscuss it in the aforementioned thread first.
• Only Aletrius and I may edit the Wiki without complying to these few rules.

Moderator & Administrators:

We're here to help, keep peace and get rid of all agnorant n00bs, trolls, spammer and other vermin.
• Respect the decisions of the moderators.
• Do not publicize private conversations between yourself and the moderators.
• If necessary, we may have to remove posts or users who repeatedly violate our rules.
• We may need to edit your posts, topics or Wiki pages. If we do, accept our changes and respect our decisions.
• Note that we are human beings. We have feelings! (Just code for "If you don't respect us, we'll ban and/or eat you!")

The current admins are:
TemporalV01D (That's me!)

The current moderators are:
Aletrius (Our native Einstein; currently on hiatus)
Xeno (The Taco Gazelle himself)

Thanks for abiding by our rules, we hope you enjoy the discussions on our boards. Thank you for registering, as well. We appreciate your support!

If you notice something inappropriate posted on the boards, please alert us so that we can address it.

That's all you need to know to not get banned and/or eaten. Wink
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>>The Forum Guidelines<<
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